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Mail Bid Auction 57

Auction ends on January 5, 2024 6:00 pm EST


Lot Number 50

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1812 Single Leaf -  O.110b R.6 PCGS F.15

Not pretty but assuredly RARE.  The 1812 Single Leaf was first described over 30 years ago.  Maybe 20 examples have surfaced, nearly all in modest or low grade, many with damage.  The PCGS F.15 in MB 51, lot 23, brought $6,080 two years ago.  This example has a bit more wear and might have benefitted from a little soap and water before encapsulation.  Let’s just say it did what it was supposed to do – circulate – and note that it looks original!  If you already have single leaf versions of the 1814 [O.105a] and 1817 [O.106a] you and many, many others need this one to complete your set.  

Estimate: $3,000 and up

Auction Ended

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