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Sheridan Downey Numismatist - Coins

Mail Bid Auction 48

Auction ends on January 11, 2019 6:00 pm EST


Lot Number 9

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1809 XXX Edge -  O.102 R.1 PCGS AU 55 CAC

Only early die states of this R.1 die pair feature the XXX edge.  Do not be deceived by the “R.1” rarity rating.  This scarce edge variety is only found on 3 other die marriages, O.101, 108a and 110 – each with an R.4 or R.5 rarity rating.  Auction prices reflect the demand and short supply of high-grade examples.  (Dr. Link’s AU 55 with CAC sticker sold in Sept. for $5,523.)  This CAC approved offering displays a veneer of silver-grey toning through the centers, with glowing iridescence in the stars and legend.   Est. $4,000 and up.

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