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Mail Bid Auction 50

Auction ended on January 10, 2020

Lot Number 20

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1809 III Edge -  O.108a R.4 PCGS XF 40

(III Edge, not noted on holder.)  Ex Keith Davignon and Dr. Charles Link.  Last offered at the January 2014 FUN Show, MB 38, lot 6, where it brought $2,844 and was described as follows:

An important coin despite its relatively modest grade.  It is a curious fact that the 1809 O.108 and 110 die pairs, both R.4, are almost never seen in grades above XF.  Uncirculated examples are R.7 or R.8.  I’ll never forget the look on Elton Dosier’s face when I purchased a nice AU 1809 from Jim O’Donnell at the 1984 Long Beach show and brought it back to my table for Elton to attribute.  He was busy examining another coin until Henry Hilgard said “Elton, I think you better look at that 1809 Sheridan just bought.”  Elton looked at it, did a double-take and with a degree of urgency I’d not seen before said, “How much you want for that coin?!”  It became his 1809 O.108 set piece, later passing to the collection of Gehring Prouty.  The current offering is certainly in the top 5% of known examples.  The natural “grey-dirt” toning glows with underlying luster.  The strike is superior to most though weak in the central curls, the eagle’s neck and head.  The PCGS grade is distinctly conservative. 

Davignon  acquired the coin from your cataloguer raw [thus the certainty regarding the III edge] in November 2005.  He had it encapsulated by NGC as XF 45. 
Est. $2,000 to $3,000

Auction Ended

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