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Mail Bid Auction 53

Auction ended on January 15, 2022

Lot Number 75

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1811 Sm. 8 -  O.113  R.5- Raw XF 45 7% Off Center

Ex Charlton E. Meyer, Jr. and Henry Hilgard   A major error from the collection of Dr. Charles Link.  When Henry Hilgard died in 2013 his incomparable collection of bust half-dollar errors was acquired intact by Dr. Link.  Photos of the coins are permanently posted on my web site:  This is coin no. 14 in that display.  Henry’s handwritten tag reads: “about 7% off center.  Privately C. Meyer to S. Downey to H.H. @ $1,500 about 1998.”  In a 2012 essay describing coins in his error collection Henry wrote, “About 7% off center, and a nice (perhaps EF40) coin.  Purchased privately from Charlton Meyer to Sheridan Downey to me in 1998.”  Henry did not mention the row of "dots" above the front of Liberty's cap, near star 7.  I suspect that they are from the edge of a loose reverse die that struck the obverse.  So, we may tag the coin as a double error: off-denter and double struck.

A glance at the coin tells you that the grade of the coin lies between XF 45 and AU 50.  Luster permeates the light grey toning.  What else to say?  The O.113 die pair is a noted rarity, especially in high grade.  Off center bust halves are, well … scarce as hens’ teeth.  An off-center, double struck, high-grade O.113 is an unspeakably rare combination.  A handshake, hug and warm congratulations to the next owner.  Bidding will start at Henry's cost.  It won't end there!

Estimate: Priceless

Auction Ended

High Bid Maximum Bid Total Price
Reserve met
$5,000 $5,500

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