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Sheridan Downey Numismatist - Coins

Mail Bid Auction 53

Auction ended on January 15, 2022

Lot Number 93

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1828 Sq. Base 2, Sm. Lets -  O.123a R.5+ PCGS XF 45 CAC

A welcome visitor from MB 51, where lot 70 sold for $3,520.  I offered this commentary: If asked to identify the toughest R.5s in the Capped Bust series, experienced collectors are likely to place this die pair in the top 3.  Here is a handsome representative of the meager population.  The coin is evenly toned, decently struck and free of any discernible blemish.  We might hope for more luster on our XF-45s, but the detail of this coin justifies the CAC approved grade.  The coin comes with the usual hallmarks of the marriage: a die break at the rim between stars 5-6 and an injury to the reverse die, Overton’s “railroad tracks,” under the eagle’s left wing.  

Estimate: $3,500 to $4,000

Auction Ended

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