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Mail Bid Auction 54

Auction ended on August 17, 2022

Lot Number 27

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1817 -  O.104a R.6+ VF 30+

Ex Charles Erb and Stephen Herrman   Charles “Chuck” Erb was an early BHNC member and cherry-picker par excellence.  Steve Herrman will have to tell us when and how he pried this coin loose from Chuck.  Tim advises that he acquired the coin in January 2010, after Steve picked up an even nicer example.  The coin was lightly wiped but is otherwise free of distractions.  No one will quarrel with the choice VF sharpness designation.  A thin obverse die break extends from star 5, across the cap, to star 10.  John Cobb is generally thought to have discovered the variety in the late 1960s, conferring the moniker “Moonbreak” 1817.  Sam Nolt located another example not long after Cobb announced his find.  Sam is the sole surviving co-founder of the Bust Half Nut Club, holding membership #4. It would be no surprise to see this coin in a PCGS holder.  The cleaning lines are distinct but unobtrusive.  They do not impair the luster readily seen around the stars and legend.  I won’t tout the rarity of this offering.  If you collect by die variety, you know that the `17-104 stands alongside the 1827 O.137 and 1831 O.120 as a major obstacle in the road to 453 capped bust die marriages.   Estimate: $9,000 to $12,000

Auction Ended

High Bid Maximum Bid Total Price
Reserve met
$17,600 $18,810

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