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December 30, 2019

The 2020 FUN Show Auction, MB 50, is open for bidding.  Photos and descriptions of the lots are available on the "Active Auction" page.  The auction closes at 6:00 PM EST Friday January 10, 2020, day 2 of the FUN Show.  Lot preview will be available at my bourse tables 615-617 all day Thursday and Friday, Jan. 9-10.  Lot pickup is Saturday morning, Jan. 11 for those attending the Show.

If you've bid in my recent auctions just log in and enter bids as you did before.  If you are new to my auctions please take a few moments to register.  You will find the registration link in the top right corner of the Home Page.  For those with computer phobia, I understand.  You don't have to enter bids on the Internet.  Just send me an email, listing your bids.  A phone call works too.  Do what you have to do before the auction closes.  

The auction is chock full of goodies.  Whether your bailiwick is VF's, XF's, AU's or UNC's you will find something that fits your collection.  I’m often asked how I attract so many pretty coins.  Two reasons.  First, most consignments come from collectors, not dealers.  A dealer with a pretty coin does not want to put it in auction.  He or she wants to sell it to a customer, making the customer happy and increasing the chance that the coin will return in the future.  Off-quality, hard-to-sell bust halves are sent to major auction houses for disposal.  Second, I’m finicky.  If I cannot say something nice about a coin I don’t want it in my auction.  Collector-consignors will confirm that I regularly turn away coins with problems or that lack eye-appeal.   

I have a few copies left of Steve Herrman's indispensable price guide, AMBPR.  The 55th and latest edition is available for $34, including postage.  Write or call if you need one.  I can slip it in the mail tomorrow.

Hard copies of the catalog were delayed in the printing process but are now in the mail.  If you would like to download and view or print the 24 page document you will find it here.

Never hesitate to write or call if you have a question about the auction.  A glance at the Terms of Sale may help.  In the meantime, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.

Sheridan Downey, Numismatist
4400 Keller Ave., Suite 140, PMB 398
Oakland, California 94605
(510) 479-1585

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