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Update and Reminder

February 5, 2021

The catalogs for MB 51 are in the mail.  If you have been a regular bidder (or you recently registered to bid) look for one in your mailbox after the weekend, probably Tuesday or Wednesday Feb. 9-10.  There was a SNAFU at the printer.  The 80 page booklets are beautiful … but a malfunction in the complex copying and binding machinery caused the catalog to emerge without staples.  I could not delay the mailing until next week.  So we will live with a loose-leaf version.
I have a few extra copies of the catalog.  For those wishing a Library Copy I will send one to you via 1st class mail for $10 plus postage.  You may download a pdf version of the catalog here.  The Cover and Terms of Sale are here.
Lot preview by overnight mail continues.  The last lots will be go out Monday Feb. 8.  I want to have them back by the end of the week.  Get in touch this weekend if you wish to look at any coins before entering bids.  Remember please, the sale closes at 6 PM PST on Presidents' Day, February 15, 2021.
The scope and quality of the 100 coins in Part 1 of the Sale are mind-boggling.  Don’t overlook the scandalous array of opportunities found there.  There is more nifty stuff in Part 2 of the Sale, culminating with a numismatic treasure, lot 114 – the original photos and negatives of coins plated in Don Parsley’s 3rd, 4th and 5th revisions of Overton’s standard reference.
This weekend would be a good time to go over the descriptions and photos posted on my Active Auction page.  Many of the lots are feeling lonesome.  It’s time to assure them of a new and caring home.  Sign-on (or register to bid) then click the Bid box and check out the status of your favorite items. 

Mail Bid Sale 51 Approaches

December 26, 2020

Mail Bid Sale 51 is coming together.  Finally.  Descriptions of the coins are now posted alongside the photos of lots 1-100.  Part 2 of the sale, bust half memorabilia, will be posted later.  Live bidding will commence after Part 2 is posted.

The scope and importance of this sale is extraordinary.  I recall nothing like it in the 31 years since my first sale in October 1989.  Registry Set, Red Book, date and die variety collectors will enjoy a field day.  Condition Census pieces abound.  Imposing provenances add to the depth of the sale.  It was not unusual to spend an hour researching the history and significance of a particular lot.  I hope you enjoy the little stories that accompany many of the offerings.  A hard-copy catalog will be mailed in early February.  I have posted a closing date for the sale of Monday, February 15, 2021.  

In the meantime please consider previewing lots you find of interest.  You might ask, “How?”  During the pandemic and with the cancellation of major coin shows we harken to days of yesteryear, before the Internet and digital photography began to displace in-person examination of auction lots.  Consider how nice it would be to hold a coin in your hand before finalizing a bid.  The cost of lot preview via overnight US Priority Express Mail is modest, far less than the air fare, hotel bill and food cost we absorb when attending a show.

Starting Monday December 28 it would be my pleasure to send a package of auction lots -- no more than 12 at a time please -- to your home or office.  Your job will be to return them the day after arrival via US Express Mail or Fed Ex, your choice.  I pick up the insurance both ways.  You pay only my cost, $26 postage, and the return postage or shipping charge.  All I need is a list of the lots you would like to see and your shipping address.  Email or call if you have any questions about the process.  Preview by mail will end Monday February 8, 2021.

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