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Active Fixed Price List

Date Variety Rarity Grade Description Price Photos
Draped Bust, Small Eagle Half-Dollars, 1796-1797
1796 16 Stars O.102 R.5+ PCGS Fine Details NEW.  Ex John Story Jenks. Offered in Henry Chapman's sale of the Jenks Collection, December 1921, lot 5913.  Barry Broyde, BHNC #104, acquired it for $18,400 in Stack's December 1987 sale where lot 537 was offered as a raw VF.  PCGS properly notes that the coin was cleaned, not harshly I should add.  The coin is nicely detailed for its modest grade.  Hints of luster survive in protected areas of the eagle's wings and some letters of the legend.  If the time has arrived to fill that gaping hole in your date or type set without shelling out $50,000 or more we should talk.  A photocopy of Broyde's Dec. 14, 1987 invoice for the coin is available upon request. Call
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Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle Half-Dollars, 1801-1807
1805 O.104a, T.10 R.6+ PCGS VG 08 PRICE REDUCED!
With 13 or 14 known specimens, this die state [Tompkins' DS-5] barely escapes an R.7 rarity rating.  Aside from the Jules Reiver specimen (that sold instantly) I've not handled an example since the Meyer VF sold for $6,750 in 2008.  Until the appearance of this coin there was but one auction offering in the past decade, a dismal looking piece graded F.12 by ANACS at $5,000 in June 2012.  Barry Broyde's F.12 was a steal last November, selling for $2,400.  This offering features dark grey fields, lighter devices.  The full, retained cuds at stars 10-12 sounded a death knell for the obverse die; they are, however, an Ode to Joy for the growing number of collectors who covet early US coins with magnificent cuds.
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1806 Pt. 6 with stem, Large Stars O.110, T.10 R.6 PCGS Fair 2 Perfect for the grade!  The smooth, naturally toned surfaces strongly suggest that in the 1800's it spent a decade or more as a pocket piece.  The familiar "elephant trunk" die break is faint but still there.  Never thought you'd fill that hole in your 1806's?  Here is your chance, at a manageable price. $495 SOLD
1806 over Inverted 6 O.111"b", T.11 R.7? PCGS VF 30 NEW.  The coveted terminal die state.  Two magnificent rim cuds flank UN and TED of UNITED; a swooping die break bisects the obverse from the rim above ER in LIBERTY to the rim below the 8 in the date.  Luster flickers through the stars and legend.  The smooth, grey surfaces are free of distractions.  The coin was uncovered by Dave Kahn some time ago and sold privately into the collection of Dr. Charles Link.  I find no auction record of the piece.  In Sept. 2018 Heritage offered an O.111"b" graded PCGS VF 20.  It brought $3,480.  The Kahn-Link coin is a bit nicer. $3,600
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1807 O.105 R.1 PCGS VF 30 CAC Original light grey with lightly iridescent copper toning through the stars and legend.  Striking weakness in the left wing.  Strong drapery lines support the CAC approved choice VF designation. $900 SOLD
1807 O.105a R.1 PCGS VF 25 PRICE REDUCED!
Somewhat irregular smoky grey toning infused with pale russet iridescence and a surprising dose of mint luster. From the James Ross Collection.
$625 SOLD
Capped Bust Half-Dollars, 1807-1836
1807 Lg. Stars 50/20 Rev. O.112 R.1 PCGS AU 50 Silver-grey with abundant luster to support the AU designation.  The reverse rims show some weakness; the central devices are decently impressed.  In all, a wholesome, eye-appealing example of this first year of issue.  From the collection of the late Van Harvey, an early member of the Bust Half Nut Club. $1,700 SOLD
1807 Lg. Stars 50/20 Rev. O.112 R.1 PCGS AU 53 Pale blue and gold iridescence enhances the natural grey toning.  Good luster.  Pretty coin! $2,250
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1809 XXX Edge O.102 R.1 PCGS Gold Shield VF 35 Handsomely toned in natural grey with iridescent turquoise highlights at the lower obverse peripheries.  Sharply impressed obverse, indicative of the early die state.  The XXX edge appears only on these early die states of the O.102.  The reverse die was in its 3rd use, after the 1809 O.101 and 110.  The R.1 rarity rating of the die pair has no relation to the scarcity of examples with the XXX edge.  I'd venture R.4+ or R.5 if we confine our search to those with the "experimental edge." $825 SOLD
1809 III Edge O.109a R.2 PCGS AU 50 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears.  Evenly toned, light grey with hints of pale gold;  smooth surfaces and loads of luster.  A first rate "AU 50."
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1810 O.105 R.2 PCGS MS 61 PRICE REDUCED!
An original bust half with a handsome “grey dirt” obverse and an outrageously colorful reverse that features shades of magenta and crimson.  Weak rims suggest a late die state.  The central devices, however, are decently impressed.  Recently removed from an NGC MS 62 capsule.  (The NGC label accompanies.)  From Heritage’s 1999 FUN Show Sale, lot 6725.  This is a “killer” date in AU and UNC.
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1811/10 O.101 R.1 PCGS AU 58 CAC Ex Tom Sears who acquired it privately following its appearance in Heritage's Oct. 31, 2016 sale in NYC, lot 5266 @ $7,050.  Even, silver-grey toning with virtually full luster.  Intermediate die state; the centers well struck - note, especially, Liberty's curls and the eagle's feathers and talons.  This CAC approved overdate will excite date, Redbook, Registry Set and die variety collectors. $5,450
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1811 Lg.8 O.104a R.1 PCGS AU 58 NEW.  An old friend.  Howard Sharfman plucked this one from my Jan. 2016 FUN Show sale: MB 42, lot 17 @$2,035.  I described the coin as follows: From the Charles Link Collection; noted on the PCGS label.  Somewhat uneven silver-grey toning.  Traces of friction on the high points.  Full, though not vibrant, luster swirls under the toning.  The central devices are nicely impressed despite the late die state.   Howard passed the coin to Dr. Tom Sears in Feb. 2019.  The large 8 variety of 1811 brings about 10% more than its small 8 sibling. $1,875
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1811 Small 8 O.106 R.3 PCGS Shield MS 62+ Ex Tom Sears.  Earlier in the collection of Dr. Charles Link.  Antique grey with deep, unbroken luster.  Weakness at the rims, the centers decently impressed.  Very nice surfaces. $2,775 SOLD
1811 Sm. 8 O.108 R.2 PCGS Shield AU 58 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears.  Flashy luster, lightly toned.  Drawn stars attest to the late die state.  Pleasing surfaces.  A "rim pinch" beneath 18 of the date is Mint made - and not a "pinch."  The blank planchet failed to make a 180° rotation in the Castaing Machine.  The upshot, of course, was a failure to raise the rim in the flattened area.  This minor mint error does not affect value but certainly adds to our fascination for these products of the early Mint.
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1813 O.106 R.2 PCGS AU 58 CAC NEW.  Dr. Tom Sears found this high grade 1813 at Dave Kahn's table during the 2019 ANA Convention in Chicago, fairly priced at $3,150.  Cartwheel luster rolls beneath an even, deep grey patina.  The centers are well struck; weakness appear in the motto and at Liberty's drapery lines.  The surfaces are immaculate or nearly so.  CAC-approved early dates in AU 58 are want-list fixtures.  OK, you already knew that. $2,695
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1813 O.108 R.3 PCGS AU 58 PRICE REDUCED!
Flamboyant luster with a veneer of silver-grey toning.  Well struck centers.  Strong eye appeal.  From the collection of Rex and Cindy Phillips offered by Heritage at the Aug. 2017 ANA Convention where it brought $3,055.
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1814 Single Leaf O.105a R.4 PCGS AU 55 CAC NEW.   A marvelous 1814 Single Leaf.  The eye appeal is head and shoulders above the darkly toned AU 55 CAC I offered in 2014 (lot 91, MB 39 @ $5,341, reappearing in a March 2017 Legend auction @ $6,325).  Shimmering luster graces the silver-grey toning.  The surfaces are exceptionally smooth save for a tick, right of the date; adjustment marks in the upper left of the reverse are unusual and fascinating but do not enter a discussion of value.  A glance at auction records will tell you that high grade examples of this Red Book staple are rare.  This CAC approved example belongs in a top-flight Red Book or PCGS Registry set. $5,000
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1814 E over A O.108a R.1 PCGS AU 50 CAC Did you miss out on the CAC approved AU in MB 50 (lot 35 @ $3,300)?  Here is a comparable specimen.  The silver-grey toning is original; luster flows across the fields.  PCGS cannot resist downgrading this die state because of striking weakness.  Beware the R.1 rarity designation.  High grade examples of this Red Book staple are rare. $2,900
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1814 E over A O.108a R.1 PCGS AU 55 NEW.   A Red Book condition rarity - though “R.1” to die variety collectors.  Why are there so few AU or nicer examples?  I don’t have the answer.  This untoned example sports extravagant luster, obverse and reverse.  Weakness at the eagle’s head and left wing is a hallmark of the variety and stark contrast to the well-detailed obverse portrait.  Unless you find clash marks a bother, you will adore the nearly mark-free surfaces.  PCGS pegs AU 55 examples at $6,000. $4,950
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1814 O.109 R.2 PCGS MS 63 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears.  The surfaces shimmer with deep, vibrant luster.  Lightly toned with subtle iridescent hues.  Toning spot at star 4, the reverse rotated about 15°.  Smooth surfaces save for standard clash marks.  A top flight 1814 is significantly tougher to locate than those from 1811 and 1812.  PCGS tells us $4,750.
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1817 Punctuated Date O.103 R.2 PCGS AU 55 PRICE REDUCED!
Strong cartwheel luster rolls across the smooth, untoned surfaces. The punctuation mark between 1 and 7 is sharp.  A light, vertical toning streak crosses the right side of the eagle.  Choice AU examples of this Red Book variety never go unnoticed. This one brought $4,700 in Legend's Sept. 2018 sale of The Konstantine Collection.
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1817 Punctuated Date O.103 R.2 PCGS Gold Shield AU 55 Pale grey toning with just the right dose of cartwheel luster.  The strike is generally balanced though some weakness shows in the eagle's claws and neck.  The centers are framed by high, well separated dentils.  Having two choice AU examples of this popular Red Book variety at the same time is a rare and welcome event. $3,650
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1817 O.110 R.2 PCGS AU 58 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Howard Sharfman registry set.  Crisply struck throughout.  Only star 2 lacks a center point.  Untoned with vibrant cartwheel luster.  Nifty coin for the date or type collector.
$1,950 SOLD
1817 O.113 R.2 Gold Shield PCGS MS 62 PRICE REDUCED!
Golden toning with crimson and orange highlights. From the Charles Link collection and so noted on the PCGS label. Earlier in the collection of Charlton E. Meyer, Jr.  Dr. Link's notes show his acquisition date, July 28, 2008.  Meyer purchased the coin from me in Nov. 1999.
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1820/19 Curl Base 2 O.102 R.1 PCGS AU 58 NEW.  Stone grey toning, obverse and reverse, with full cartwheel luster and distinctly prooflike surfaces on the reverse.  Minor ticks from short term circulation may have denied this one a CAC sticker.  It is an old friend.  I purchased it at a Heritage auction in 2014 (at $3,525) and sold it to Dr. Tom Sears.  Though more common than its square base 2 sibling, no high grade 1820, overdate or not, is to be ignored.  Only the 1807 and 1815 mintages are lower in the Capped Bust series.  Six of the eight Overton die varieties are also Red Book varieties. $3,500
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1824 O.116 R.3 PCGS MS 62 PRICE REDUCED!
A blast of luster greets the eye.  Untoned, save for a spot of pale rose at star 1.  Well struck, with Liberty's curls on proud display.  Nifty surfaces contribute to the eye appeal.  Here is an 1824 with terrific "flash."
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1825 O.112 R.3 PCGS Gold Shield MS 66 PRICE REDUCED!
Electrifying eye appeal!  The iridescent toning is surreal.  Dalí would approve.  So did the noted collector Jm O'Neal when he spotted the coin in Heritage's Aug. 2015 ANA Sale.  (Lot 4055 brought $17,625.)  O'Neal is the retired CEO of Frito-Lay International as well as PepsiCo Restaurants International (think Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut.).  Here is a coin that must be seen.  The accompanying photo is a mere hors d'oeuvre.  Is it the finest known of the die pair?  NGC graded the Kauffman specimen MS 66.  It is a sparkling gem, though dipped.  I'll put my money on the O'Neal coin.
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1825 O.114 R.1 PCGS Gold Shield MS 65 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Dale Friend
, noted on the PCGS label.  Yet another 1825 with dramatic eye appeal.  It is the PCGS CoinFacts plate coin for Overton-114 and generally considered the 2nd finest known of the die variety.  Intense cartwheel luster rolls beneath the reddish bronze and sea green toning.  Iridescent turquoise and gold enliven the stars and legend.  A beauty!
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1827 Sq. Base 2 O.123 R.5- PCGS AU 58 CAC NEW.  This dazzling rarity rests at #3 in the Condition Census, behind the Overton Plate Coin, NGC MS 65, and the PCGS MS 62 Dosier/Prouty example.  Stewart Witham’s PCGS AU 58 is a notch behind this one.  (I was the winning bidder at Heritage’s 2010 ANA offering of the Witham coin, lot 4905 @ $3,000.)  Howard Sharfman uncovered this piece in a dealer’s case in 2016 and yielded to the entreaty of Dr. Tom Sears in 2019.  The coin is lightly toned with full luster.  It earned a CAC sticker despite the ubiquitous softness at the obverse rims and stars.  (The obverse die is in its 3rd and final use, appearing earlier on the O.121 and O.122.) $3,500
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1828 Curl 2 No Knob O.102 R.2 PCGS Gold Shield MS 63 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears from an Aug. 2012 Heritage auction.  Original, silver-grey patina, a bit mottled on the obverse.  A solid, uncirculated coin with a razor sharp portrait and eagle.  Weakness in the stars and lowest drapery lines is standard for the issue.
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1828 Curl 2 with Knob O.107 R.2 PCGS AU 58 NEW.  Though not a match for the accompanying MS 62 this AU 58 will excite a host of collectors.  The light grey toning comes with flashes of gold at the peripheries.  It was the set piece for Rex and Cindy Phillips' notable collection, offered at Heritage's Aug. 2017 Denver ANA Sale.  This was lot 5011, described in part as "... an early die state example with crisply struck devices and smooth, somewhat reflective fields." $1,550 Sale Pending

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1828 Sq. Base Knob 2, Lg. 8's O.108 R.3 PCGS Gold Shield MS 64 PRICE REDUCED!
Rich antique toning with deep, deep, deep underlying luster.  The PCGS label includes the provenance, Dr. Charles Link.  The coin rates No. 3 in the Condition Census.  Overton identified 23 die pairs for 1828.  Just two feature a square base, knob 2 with large 8s.  This was lot 56 in Legend's Sept. 2018 of "The Konstantine Collection," bringing $4,113, a rare bargain in that important sale.  My personal notes emphasized the original toning and surfaces that grace this scarce Red Book variety.
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1829/7 O.101a R.1 PCGS MS 62 NEW.  Antique grey infused with a bit of pale gold.  Frosty luster throughout.  Sharply struck central devices are a nice bonus.  The underlying 7 - while never bold - is distinct.  Formerly in the collection of Dr. Charles Link. $2,000
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1830 Large 0 O.122 R.1 PCGS AU 58+ CAC Light toning; full luster with sharply struck centers. Uncirculated save for cabinet friction on the cheek. Another nice coin from the Sharfman registry set. $1,100
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A crust of antique grey toning fails to hide the caky underlying luster. Reverse die rotated 25°, not uncommon in the capped bust series.  A sweet, original coin.
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1831 O.109 R.1 PCGS Gold Shield MS 65 A gem bust half with smooth, satiny surfaces, robust luster and spectacular iridescent toning.  The central devices are sharp.  Note the detail in Liberty's curls and eagle's feathers.  Slight weakness at the lowest drapery lines and motto opposite is typical for this die pair.  (Compare the Overton plate coin.)  A delight for the date or type collector. $5,750
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1831 O.110 R.2 PCGS MS 64 PRICE REDUCED!
Astute collectors will recognize and appreciate the "originality" of this 1831.  Careful storage over the past 189 years was required to preserve the deep, unbroken luster while encouraging a protective patina of antique grey with hints of pastel lilac and russet.  OK, the motto is weak and a stray thread lay across Liberty's bosom when the coin was struck.  All else suggests a gem designation.  Pretty!
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1831 O.118 R.3 PCGS Gold Shield AU 58 NEW.  Untoned with full luster.  The centers well struck, slight weakness in the motto.  A flashy 1831! $720
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1831 O.120 R.6 PCGS Gold Shield VF 20 PRICE REDUCED!
A bulge in the left obverse field is the calling-card of this rarity.  It is easy to spot, yet only 20 or so examples have surfaced since Don Gunnett discovered the variety in 1970, immediately after Al Overton published the 2nd edition to his standard reference.  I've traced 33 auction appearances over the past 30 years.  Most are second and third appearances of the same coin.  I've yet to spot an unqualified XF encapsulated by NGC or PCGS.  The Tetenhorst-Byers-Link prooflike MS 63 Wonder Coin is the finest by far.  Charlton Meyer had a PCGS AU 50; a generously graded NGC AU 53 passed through the hands of BHNC notables Mike Summers, Charles De Olden, Troy Nelson and Keith Davignon.  An unattributed PCGS AU 55 appeared in 2019 and quickly found a home at the 2020 FUN Show.  Most of the others are cleaned, scratched, plugged, burnished or environmentally damaged.  This one has an indentation near the top of the diagnostic bulge, in front of Liberty's nose.  It is consistent with the grade.  The light to moderatly toned surfaces require no other qualification.  The overall detail is VF 25.  PCGS probably docked the coin 5 points on account of the referenced mark.  For many years veterans of the die variety wars put 3 coins in the the same basket for purposes of assessing rarity and value: the 1817 O.104, 1827 O.137 and 1831 O.120.  The 1827 O.148 has joined the group and the 1823 O.113 may soon catch up.  The owner of any of these die marriages merits respect and, yes, a touch of jealousy from his or her collecting friends.  Here is your chance to garner a claim to fame in the world of bust halves.  Ex Chris Merrill Collection.
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1832 Sm. Lets. O.105a R.4 PCGS Gold Shield AU 58 Softly impressed, as always.  This scarce die pair was struck from worn dies.  The coin is untoned with virtually full luster.  But for the striking weakness it would have earned a Mint State designation.  Ex Dr. Charles Link, noted on the PCGS label. $850
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1832 Sm. Lets. O.106 R.1 PCGS AU 50 NEW.  Original medium grey toning, lighter on the devices.  Balanced strike and problem-free surfaces.  Just right for an AU date set. $350
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1832 Sm. Lets. O.110 R.1 PCGS MS 62 NEW. An original crust of tan-grey toning subdues the full luster.  Well struck central devices, standard weakness (for this die pair) at the motto and lower drapery lines. $1,225
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1832 Sm. Lets. Dash Date O.112 R.2 PCGS Gold Shield MS 62 PRICE REDUCED!
The dash date variety, also found on the R.7 proof-only 1832 O.123.  Even, light to medium grey toning.  Unbroken luster supports the mint state designation.
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1832 Sm. Lets. O.114 R.4+ PCGS AU 55 PRICE REDUCED!
Untoned with blinding luster and just a trace of friction on the cheek.  Soft rims and drawn stars may have pushed the PCGS graders away from a "58" designation.  The worn obverse die (used first on the O.113) is quickly recognized by star 9: it is the only star with a center point; the others are flat.  The few contact marks are confined to Liberty's cheek.  The fields are immaculate.  This very scarce die pair commands a serious premium in higher grades.
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1832 Sm. Lets. O.118 R.1 PCGS AU 55 CAC From MB 40, lot 76 , Jan. 2015.  The protective crust of medium grey toning yields to pastel iridescence through a few stars and most of the legend.  An ancient fingerprint in the obverse field is hard to find but confirms the originality of the coin.  This “look” is a favorite of the grading services, CAC included. $475
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1832 Sm. Lets. O.118 R.1 PCGS AU 58 CAC Another well struck 1832.  Lightly toned with full luster.  A trace of friction on the cheek.  From Howard Sharfman's Everyman Registry Set. $850
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1833 O.107 R.3 NGC AU 55 PRICE REDUCED!
Medium grey toning, decent luster throughout.  Struck from worn dies.  The surfaces are exceptionally nice.
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1834 Lg. Date, Sm. Lets. O.107 R.1 PCGS AU 58 NEW.  Brilliant with undiminished luster in the fields.  Light gold toning highlights the stars and legend. $775
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1834 Lg. Dt, Sm. Lets O.108 R.2 PCGS AU 58 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Jules Reiver, noted on the PCGS label; later in the collection of Keith Davignon, so you know it is pretty.  Reiver's envelope accompanies, noting his purchase at a Heritage auction, June 6, 1986. Natural grey toning with gentle cartwheel luster.  The centers are sharply struck.  Perfect coin for the date or variety.
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1834 Sm. Dt & Lets O.113 R.1 PCGS MS 62 PRICE REDUCED!
A beautiful coin, richly toned in subtle shades of rose and turquoise. Caky luster throughout. Give this one a solid "A" for eye appeal.  Here is a wonderful type coin.
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1836 Bar Dot O.121 R.5+ PCGS Gen XF Details PRICE REDUCED!
Hairlines are well hidden by the attractive medium grey toning, lighter on the devices.  The coin is decently impressed with very few marks. The `36-121 is a classic rarity, stubbornly refusing to give up its R.5+ status.  Decent VF's start at $2,000.  An XF example will bring twice that.  Here is a chance to complete your 1836's without breaking the bank.  Ex Van Harvey.
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1860 Half Dime Judd-267 4 PCGS MS 66 CAC PRICE REDUCED!
One of the few US Patterns familiar to non-collectors of the series. It is known as The Coin Without a Country
 as neither side includes the legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This transitional pattern resulted from the Mint's decision to move the legend from the reverse to the obverse. Anthony Paquet's 1859 seated liberty figure is paired with James Longacre's new reverse. Neither design incorporated the legend. About 100 pieces are known, many in high grade as they were not coined for circulation. The Simpson coin, PCGS MS 68, is the finest.  All examples show areas of striking weakness. This example last appeared in Stack's/Bowers 2014 Americana Sale. It is semi-prooflike with indescribably pretty toning, likely imparted by storage in tissue paper. As with all coins in this offering it comes with a 5-day return privilege. Beware -- once the coin is in your hands you will NOT let loose!
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