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Active Fixed Price List

Date Variety Rarity Grade Description Price Photos
Flowing Hair Half-Dollar, 1794-1795
1795/1795 3-Leaf-Recut Date O.111 R.4+ PCGS Gold Shield VF 25 NEW
The 1795 3-leaf is unrivaled as the sexiest Red Book variety of the year.  A grossly recut date, the unique 3-leaf feature and a massive reverse die break speak volumes of the goings-on at the early Mint.  Die engravers were learning their trade and prone to errors; design elements of the half-dollar i.e, small head obverses, 2 and 3 leaf reverses, were in flux even after coinage began; and refining and annealing techniques left much to be desired.  What fun for us today!

Here is a thoroughly wholesome example, with a distinguished provenance.  In June 1987 Stack's offered the important half-dollar collection assembled by the late Corrado Romano.  This coin was lot 569. It brought $5,775.  The buyer was Charles Barasch of International Coins & Currency, Inc, acting as agent for an anonymous, discriminating client.  (Barasch also bought Romano's XF 1796 15 star half-dollar for his client.)  The coin is essentially without faults, respite from the typical low grade, abused specimens we see on the market.  (The noted collector Dale Friend was never able to locate an example better than VF 25.)  The reverse strike, of course, looks peculiar.  The shattered reverse die yielded a "split-level" coin.  The word UNITED is unusually bold while STATES is rather faint.  The die break that hallmarks the 3-leaf variety runs between the two words.  Circulation marks are few and unobtrusive. After 32 years storage in a bank vault the coin's attractive, natural grey toning is much the same as it was in 1987.  Barasch's client eventually revealed himself.  Barry Broyde joined the Bust Half Nut Club in the late 1980's, becoming BHNC member #104.  He passed away after a lengthy illness Sept. 30, 2018.  A trove of long-forgotten bust half rarities emerged and is now entering the marketplace.  Here is your chance to own one.
$8,500 SOLD
Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle Half-Dollars, 1801-1807
1801 O.101 R.3 PCGS XF 40 PRICE REDUCED!
Even crust of natural toning.  Strong central details and nice fields.  An unobtrusive tick on dentil, left of date, is the sole blemish.  Nifty coin for the date or first year type set collector.  This date gets very expensive in higher grades.
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1803 Large 3, Lg. Rev. Stars O.103 R.3 PCGS XF 40 PRICE REDUCED!
Balanced strike with even, natural grey toning.  No significant marks.  Spot-on for the grade.  PCGS Price Guide tells us $2,050.  Let's try something less.
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1803 Small 3 O.104 R.3 PCGS VF 35 PRICE REDUCED!
Even, antique grey toning with luster dancing around the stars and devices.  Last offered in an NGC XF 40 holder.  NGC label accompanies.  An altogether pleasing example.
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1803 Small 3 O.104 R.3 NGC XF 45 PRICE REDUCED!
Light grey, darker at the peripheries with subtle iridescence.  Contact marks and detail of an XF 40 and priced as such.
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1803 Small 3 O.104 R.3 PCGS Shield XF 40 PRICE REDUCED!
Of 4 die pairs for the year only the O.104 features a small 3.  Handsome medium grey toning, a bit lighter on the high points.  Solid for the grade with well struck devices.  PCGS Price Guide suggests $2,850.
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1805 O.104a, T.10 R.6+ PCGS VG 08 PRICE REDUCED!
With 13 or 14 known specimens, this die state [Tompkins' DS-5] barely escapes an R.7 rarity rating.  Aside from the Jules Reiver specimen (that sold instantly) I've not handled an example since the Meyer VF sold for $6,750 in 2008.  Until the appearance of this coin there was but one auction offering in the past decade, a dismal looking piece graded F.12 by ANACS at $5,000 in June 2012.  Barry Broyde's F.12 was a steal last November, selling for $2,400.  This offering features dark grey fields, lighter devices.  The full, retained cuds at stars 10-12 sounded a death knell for the obverse die; they are, however, an Ode to Joy for the growing number of collectors who covet early US coins with magnificent cuds.
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1806 Knob 6, Small Stars O.105 R.2 PCGS Shield AU 53 Delicate grey toning with some color and attractive iridescence through the stars and legend.  Late die state of the "prime" with a thin die break through stars 1-7, stopping short of LIBERTY.  This is a pretty coin with even wear and smooth surfaces. Weakness at the lowest drapery folds and stars opposite is standard for the issue.  The PCGS label includes the Red Book variety (knob 6, small stars) and Overton attribution, O.105.  Ex Heritage Houston Money Show sale, Dec. 2015, lot 3175, incorrectly attributed as a Large Stars variety; it brought $3,760. $2,650 SOLD
1806 Knob 6, Small Stars O.106 R.4 PCGS XF 40 A classy example, solid for the assigned grade, richly toned in deep antique grey.  Strong details except for tip of bust and one cloud.  The eye appeal of the coin is well above average.  Bargain priced! $1,795 SOLD
1806 Knob 6, No Stem O.108, T.2 R.7 PCGS VF 35 OGH NEW
There are 7 known examples of this famous variety.  This one is #2 in the Condition Census.  Walter Breen was the first to identify and describe the “1806 Knob 6-No Stem” while examining the Philip Straus collection in 1951.  Stack’s sold the Straus Collection in May 1959, offering a terse description of lot 1866: “Unlisted combination.  Round top 6.  Strictly fine and very rare.”  A private collector acquired the coin for $36!  R.S. Yeoman waited until 1969 to list the variety in his 22nd edition of A Guide Book to United States Coins, popularly known as the Guide Book or Red Book.   The coin next appeared as lot 369 in New Netherlands Coin Company’s June 30, 1970 sale of the estates of Jesse Taylor and Dr. Angus Black.  Breen cataloged the sale, offering this opinion on the significance of the variety: “A naked-eye type, comparable in importance to the 1817/14 overdate.”  Al Overton agreed and was the likely buyer.  He owned the coin at the time of his death in February 1972.  The Overton Collection passed to his daughter and son-in-law, Bonnie and Don Parsley.  In 1993 I brokered a sale of the collection to its current owner.  

As we approach the 70th anniversary of Breen’s discovery only six other pieces have surfaced.  They are: 1. The Overton plate coin, a cleaned VF (Munson-Larry Briggs- Loma Linda Collection-D.L Hansen); 2. PCGS F. 12 (Uhrich-Merrill-Rare Coin Wholesalers); 3. PCGS F.15 CAC with reverse rim cud (Friedman - Schertz - Meyer - Laibstain - John Albanese - Private Client(?) - Rare Coin Wholesalers - Link (5/13) - Sharfman); 4. PCGS VG 8 with reverse cud (Frederick-Link-Nomura); 5. PCGS XF 40 CAC, appearing in 1995 in El Paso, TX as ANACS VF 30 (Pogue-Link); and 6. PCGS VF 35, the coin offered here.  It has an interesting history.

During setup at the January 1995 FUN Show Brian Greer spotted a nice looking (raw) coin labeled "1806 Knob 6, No Stem."  It had a sticker price under $1,000.  Brian did not chisel on the price.  He showed me the coin, promising “1st shot” when he settled on a price.  

In the meantime Jerry Schertz arrived at the show.  Jerry was nuts about bust halves, especially “pre-turbs” (the flowing hair and draped bust series).  But Jerry already had the variety!  (Only 4 other examples were then known.)  He had talked Jeff Friedman out of a nice Fine some years earlier (1985).  Still, Jerry couldn't resist.  The Friedman coin had a rim cud on the reverse.  The Greer coin did not.  Jerry wanted both die states.  When Brian said he'd sell the coin for $40,000 I did not hesitate.  Schertz was a great friend and frequent travel companion.  He paid me a modest profit and went home with the coin.  Coin World wrote a nice story about the discovery of a 5th "1806 Knob 6-no Stem.”  

Three years later Jerry was disconsolate at his lack of success in the 1997 Eliasberg Sale.  He decided to sell his collection.  He put the "Greer" coin, freshly graded by PCGS as VF 35, in Mail Bid Sale #22, Sept. 1998.  Lot 267 adjoined lot 268 - Floyd Farley’s 1817/4.  I put both coins on the catalog cover.  An amazing duo!  When the 1806 O.108 failed to sell I listed it for sale at $50,000.  It quickly sold to Barry Broyde, another friend and advanced collector, BHNC member #104.  It remained in his safe deposit box until his death in September 2018.  Stack’s/Bowers offered the coin in its November 2019 Baltimore Sale, lot 7076, part of the E. Horatio Morgan Collection, a somewhat bizarre pseudonym.  The coin brought $84,000.  

Here is how I described the coin in 1998: PCGS VF 35 without problems.  Early die state, comparable to the Munson specimen (thin die break across top of UNITED).  Light grey toning, somewhat darker through the stars and legend.  Ubiquitous striking weakness at the drapery lines and clouds opposite.    

The XF 40 El Paso coin, ex Pogue and now owned by Dr. Charles Link, is the only comparable specimen.  The others are significantly lower grade, cleaned or damaged.  In August 2017 I sold Don Frederick’s PCGS VG 8 with scratches for $60,500.  (MB 45, lot 50.)  The PCGS F.12, ex Rich Uhrich and Chris Merrill, sold for $60,000 in February 2018.  (Heritage Long Beach Sale, lot 3865.)  The “El Paso” coin, uncovered in 1979, and introduced to collectors in 1995 as ANACS VF 30, has appeared at auction three times in its current PCGS XF 40 capsule, first in 2003, then in 2009 and last in the Stack’s/Bowers-Sotheby Pogue I sale of May 2015.  Sale prices ranged from $86,000 to $126,000.  One should also look at prices for its capped bust sibling, the 1817/4.  There are 11 of those, only 7 Knob 6, No Stem’s.  

Please contact me if you would like to explore the acquisition of this important coin.  

The accompanying photos are from the November 2019 Baltimore Sale, courtesy of Stack’s/Bowers.
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1806 Pt.6 No Stem O.109 R.1 PCGS AU 50 PRICE REDUCED!
Antique grey toning, a bit lighter on the reverse. Soft luster enlivens the devices. This is a common variety, suitable for a high grade type set.
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1806 Pt. 6 with stem, Large Stars O.110, T.10 R.7+ PCGS F.12 One of three known true primes!  The O.110 is an established rarity, still rated R.6.  Tompkins provides photos of 10 examples, all with the familiar die break from the rim between stars 11-12 to Liberty's mouth.  In the 1980's Richard Pugh coined the quaint moniker, "1806 Elephant Trunk," to identify the variety.  (Offering a bow to Overton's "1807 Bearded Goddess.")  Sometime in the 1990's, as I recall, Brian Greer uncovered the first known Elephant without its trunk - a "prime" 1806 O.110, struck from perfect dies.  This and one other example have since surfaced.  The coin is essentially perfect for its modest grade.  Natural toning and smooth surfaces will appeal to fastidious collectors.  Shallow drapery lines and corresponding softness at the eagle's right wing tip are mandatory, even on high grade O.110's.  The true sharpness grade is Fine 15, perhaps VF 20.  No matter.  The coin is both important and attractive.  It should be noted that the large star obverse punch was last used on this die pair, making it the only "Pointed 6, with stem" Redbook variety with that feature. $6,250
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1806 Pt. 6 with stem, Large Stars O.110, T.10 R.6 PCGS Fair 2 Never did I imagine offering a pair of examples of this rarity in the same price list.  This one, shall we say, is perfect for the grade!  The smooth, naturally toned surfaces strongly suggest that in the 1800's it spent a decade or more as a pocket piece.  The familiar "elephant trunk" die break is faint but still there.  Never thought you'd fill that hole in your 1806's?  Here is your chance, at a manageable price. $495
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1806 E over A O.124 R.6 PCGS VG 08 PRICE REDUCED!
Evenly worn with light grey toning and smooth surfaces.  The sparse population of this noted Redbook rarity is infested with problems: scratches, cleaning and assorted surface imperfections are the norm, even on high grade pieces.  Herrman's AMBPR and Rutherford's Internet list of prices provide ready confirmation of this anomaly.  What a relief to offer an E over A that requires no qualification!  Act quickly if this one is on your Want List.
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1807 O.105 R.1 PCGS VF 30 CAC Original light grey with lightly iridescent copper toning through the stars and legend.  Striking weakness in the left wing.  Strong drapery lines support the CAC approved choice VF designation. $900
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1807 O.105a R.1 PCGS VF 25 PRICE REDUCED!
Somewhat irregular smoky grey toning infused with pale russet iridescence and a surprising dose of mint luster. From the James Ross Collection.
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1807 O.106, T-6 R.3 PCGS AU 55 PRICE REDUCED!
Precious little wear on this 1807.  The even grey-gold toning moderates the luster.  Later die state, with obverse and reverse die breaks. (Tompkins die state 3.)  The strike is balanced, without a serious weakness.  Both Tompkins and Herrman list an AU 55 from this die pair as #5 in the Condition Census, behind four UNC's.  Most high grade 1807's are O.102 or O.105.  A nice coin for those assembling an AU date or type set.
$2,950 SOLD
1807 O.110a R.2 PCGS XF 40 Lightly toned and awash with luster, too much for a "40."  A bit of softness in the central devices may have influenced the PCGS graders.  A short drift mark crosses the arrows, as made.  A nifty coin for the date or type collector. $1,900 SOLD
Capped Bust Half-Dollars, 1807-1836
1807 Lg. Stars, 50/20 Rev. O.111a R.5 PCGS VF 25 CAC NEW
A devilishly handsome example of the Bearded Goddess before she grew a full beard.  A thin die break connects her chest and chin.  The surfaces are simply magnificent.  The few circulation marks are hidden by an ancient, glossy grey patina.  You won't find a nicer VF of this rare die pair.  The coin has been off the market since August 1987.
$3,250 SOLD
1807 Lg. Stars 50/20 Rev. O.112 R.1 PCGS AU 50 Silver-grey with abundant luster to support the AU designation.  The reverse rims show some weakness; the central devices are decently impressed.  In all, a wholesome, eye-appealing example of this first year of issue.  From the collection of the late Van Harvey, an early member of the Bust Half Nut Club. $1,700
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1807 Lg. Stars 50/20 Rev O.112 R.1 PCGS AU 50 Light grey toning; pale gold through stars and legend.  Plenty of luster in the fields.  Solid for the grade. $1,700
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1807 Lg. Stars 50/20 Rev. O.112 R.1 PCGS AU 53 Pale blue and gold iridescence enhances the natural grey toning.  Good luster.  Pretty coin! $2,250
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1807 Small Stars O.113 R.2 PCGS VF 30 CAC PRICE REDUCED!
Silver grey toning with luster through stars and most of the legend. Soft wings are typical.  No significant marks.
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1808/7 O.101 R.1 PCGS AU 50 Thoroughly original antique grey toning, obverse and reverse. Unbroken luster in the fields.  Attractive iridescence through the stars and legend. $1,495
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1808/7 O.101 R.1 PCGS AU 50 CAC Light toning with cartwheel luster rolling through the fields.  A sweet coin for the grade. $1,750
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1808/7 O.101 R.1 NGC AU 53 Ex Jules Reiver.  Lot 22600 in Heritage's Jan. 2006 Sale @ $1,495.  Soft luster throughout, as expected.  Silver-grey with gold highlights around the devices, esp. the stars and legend.  Reiver's kraft envelope accompanies.  A handsome, evenly impressed example with only minor signs of circulation.   $1,425
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1808/7 O.101 R.1 PCGS VF 20 Natural silver and grey toning.  Hints of luster throughout.  Standard striking weakness at the left wing.  No surfaces problems.  Solid for the grade. $325
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Simply gorgeous!  Soft sunset colors blend with the antique grey toning.  Luster dances under the toning.  Iridescent streaks of turquoise and gold frame the stars and legend.  An 1808 with eye appeal deserves attention.  You won't be disappointed.
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1808 O.103 R.1 PCGS AU 58 NEW
Booming luster and sharply impressed devices are what we expect of our “58s.”  No disappointment here.  Notice, especially, the detail in Liberty’s curls and the folds in her cap. Thin rings of iridescence encase the dentils and nearby peripheries.  A couple of contact marks on the obverse are noted.  The surfaces are otherwise smooth and free of hairlines. This was lot 3 in my June 2006 of Charles De Olden’s capped bust half-dollars (MB 32).  It took $2,475 to bring it home 13+ years ago.  PCGS suggests $3,750 today.
$2,900 SOLD
1808 O.109a R.3 PCGS AU 55 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears.  Slate grey with bold luster throughout.  No signs of actual circulation.  A high-end "55."
$1,650 SOLD
1808 O.109a R.3 PCGS AU 50 PRICE REDUCED!
Friction on the high points.  Subdued luster befits the grade.  Light russet and grey toning.  A problem-free 1808.
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1809 XXX Edge O.102 R.1 PCGS Gold Shield VF 35 NEW
Handsomely toned in natural grey with iridescent turquoise highlights at the lower obverse peripheries.  Sharply impressed obverse, indicative of the early die state.  The XXX edge appears only on these early die states of the O.102.  The reverse die was in its 3rd use, after the 1809 O.101 and 110.  The R.1 rarity rating of the die pair has no relation to the scarcity of examples with the XXX edge.  I'd venture R.4+ or R.5 if we confine our search to those with the "experimental edge."
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1809 III Edge O.109a R.2 PCGS AU 50 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears.  Evenly toned, light grey with hints of pale gold;  smooth surfaces and loads of luster.  A first rate "AU 50."
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1809 XXX Edge O.110 R.R.4+ PCGS VF 30 CAC NEW
The O.110 die pair of 1809 is rare.  Are there really more than 80 pieces known?  Perhaps.  But try to find one on the bourse floor!  It is easy to spot: a die break bisects star 4 and enters the field, eventually reaching the portrait.  The reverse usually comes with a die injury in the field above the eagle.  The raised "segments" are in fact clash marks from the edge of the obverse die.  This example is essentially perfect for the assigned grade.  The surfaces are smooth.  The toning is natural and of ancient origin.  Splashes of luster run through the legend.  Whether you seek the die marriage or the scarce XXX edge this coin will fill the bill.

An aside: I note 3 or 4 incused marks on Liberty's neck.  They appear to be from a second encounter in the coining chamber with the edge of the obverse die.  This happened on occasion when the hammer (obverse) die loosened and struck a coin before it was ejected from the chamber.
$1,150 SOLD
1810 O.101a R.1 PCGS AU 58 CAC A layer of soft gold overlays the lustrous surfaces.  Well struck obverse; the reverse displays weakness in the left wing, as usual, but is distinctly better than most from this pair of dies.  All 13 stars show center points.  Date and Registry Set collectors know how tough it is to find a CAC approved 1810 in "58." $2,450 SOLD
1810 O.101a R.1 PCGS AU 58 Richly toned, with iridescent turquoise and gold highlighting the stars and legend.  Students of the series will marvel at the almost fully struck left wing and crisp detail in Liberty’s curls.  Lot 620 in Superior Galleries’ Oct. 1989 Heifitz Sale (plated), without auction insert. $2,500
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1810 O.105 R.2 PCGS MS 61 PRICE REDUCED!
An original bust half with a handsome “grey dirt” obverse and an outrageously colorful reverse that features shades of magenta and crimson.  Weak rims suggest a late die state.  The central devices, however, are decently impressed.  Recently removed from an NGC MS 62 capsule.  (The NGC label accompanies.)  From Heritage’s 1999 FUN Show Sale, lot 6725.  This is a “killer” date in AU and UNC.
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1810 O.105 R.2 PCGS AU 58 CAC Ex Tom Sears via private treaty, March 2016 (at $3,500).  Full cartwheel luster glimmers beneath a shroud of medium grey antique toning.  Act quickly if an AU 58 1810 is on your want list.  You have lots of company! $2,750
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Exceptional luster and "flash."  For eye appeal, a quarter notch above the scrumptious Sears coin.  Immaculate surfaces.  A minuscule toning spot over the eagle's beak will allow our posterity to identify the coin.
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1810 O.110 R.2 PCGS AU 55 OGH Full luster.  It is a challenge to spot any luster breaks on this lightly toned 1810.  The green PCGS label dates to 1993-1998.  Weak rims, the centers decently impressed.  Lovely surfaces. $1,100 SOLD
1811/10 O.101 R.1 PCGS Secure Shield MS 64 PRICE REDUCED!
From the Dale Friend Collection and so noted on the PCGS label. 
Last appearing in my April 2012 MB Sale No. 35, lot 51, where it realized $22,385.  Unquestionably in the Condition Census.  Words will not suffice to describe the look and desirability of this popular overdate.  You must see the coin to appreciate it.  The strike and luster are off the charts.  There is a faint blush of rose toning on the obverse.  The reverse is wholly untoned with blinding luster.  Examine the photo and note the raised remnants of an underlying 0, bottom left and top right of the second 1.  Yes, this is an early die state, further enhancing its appeal.  I find three PCGS MS 64 examples of the 1811/10 offered at auction over the past 12 years.  Jim Pryor's wonderful coin brought $27,025 in Aug. 2016.  Another appeared in Stack’s/Bowers' 2011 ANA Sale; a third was offered by Heritage in its Jan. 2007 FUN Show sale.   The S/B and Heritage coins each brought $17,250.  Neither is a match for the Friend coin when we compare strike, die state and surfaces.  I could go on.  But now it’s your turn.  Expect a bow of reverence when I hand this remarkable coin to its new owner.
$15,950 SOLD
1811 Sm. 8 O.105a R.2 PCGS AU 53 CAC PRICE REDUCED!
Naturally toned in shades of steel grey. Crisp, well defined dentils, obverse and reverse.
$995 SOLD
1811 Small 8 O.106 R.3 PCGS Shield MS 62+ Ex Tom Sears.  Earlier in the collection of Dr. Charles Link.  Antique grey with deep, unbroken luster.  Weakness at the rims, the centers decently impressed.  Very nice surfaces. $2,775
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1811 Sm. 8 O.108 R.2 PCGS Shield AU 58 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears.  Flashy luster, lightly toned.  Drawn stars attest to the late die state.  Pleasing surfaces.  A "rim pinch" beneath 18 of the date is Mint made - and not a "pinch."  The blank planchet failed to make a 180° rotation in the Castaing Machine.  The upshot, of course, was a failure to raise the rim in the flattened area.  This minor mint error does not affect value but certainly adds to our fascination for these products of the early Mint.
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1812/1 Large 8 O.101 R.R.5 PCGS Gold Shield F.15 NEW
With luck I see and handle an example of this charismatic rarity once every 2 years.  They have a short half-life on my price lists.  The demand has not slackened in my nearly 40 year romance with early half-dollars.  I have never "cherried" one.  Neither did my mentors, Elton Dosier and Henry Hilgard.  Under the even, medium grey patina one sees few circulation ticks.  The characteristic die bulge is absent on this early die state.  A thin die break runs from the date through stars 1-7.  Hints of luster surround the stars and portions of the legend.  The PCGS grade is conservative though probably correct.  Look especially at the detail in the eagle's feathers.
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1813 O.103 R.1 PCGS AU 55 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears, from David Kahn in 2012.  A pretty 1813 with nice surfaces and a rich gold patina.  Luster befits the grade.  The supply of AU 1813's, for reasons unknown, falls well short of those from 1811 and 1812.
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1813 O.107 R.4 PCGS AU 50 CAC NEW
"Grey dirt," a favorite of CAC and experienced collectors, graces the lustrous surfaces of this very scarce die pair.  The detail in Liberty's curls provides assurance of an early die state and precious little time in circulation.  The coin is essentially without defects, needing only a place in your collection.
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1813 O.108 R.3 PCGS AU 58 PRICE REDUCED!
Flamboyant luster with a veneer of silver-grey toning.  Well struck centers.  Strong eye appeal.  From the collection of Rex and Cindy Phillips offered by Heritage at the Aug. 2017 ANA Convention where it brought $3,055.
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1813 O.108a R.2 PCGS AU 55 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears, who acquired it via private treaty in March 2016 [@ $1,700, misattributed as O.107].  Virtually full luster!  Die wear influenced the PCGS graders.  Largely untoned, with a blush of pale blue and rose here and there.  Exceptionally nice surfaces.  Just a trace of wear on the high points.  AU 58?
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1814/3 O.101a R.2 PCGS AU 55 CAC PRICE REDUCED!
Luster oozes across the blemish-free surfaces.  The strike is better than most and the overdate is distinct.  The reverse is rotated 20° counterclockwise -- interesting, but not unusual.  Untoned yet with a CAC sticker.  You know this is one heck of a "55."
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1814 O.103 R.1 PCGS AU 50 Ex Charlton Meyer, noted on the PCGS label.  Swampy bought this one privately in February 1986.  I graded it a "nice" AU 53 when I bought his collection in 2008, valuing it at $1,100.  Aside from ubiquitous clash marks the surfaces are remarkably smooth, exhibiting few signs of handling or circulation.  Soft luster runs, unimpeded, through the fields.  PCGS probably didn't care for the weak rims.  This is a handsome 1814. $800 SOLD
1814 O.109 R.2 PCGS MS 63 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears.  The surfaces shimmer with deep, vibrant luster.  Lightly toned with subtle iridescent hues.  Toning spot at star 4, the reverse rotated about 15°.  Smooth surfaces save for standard clash marks.  A top flight 1814 is significantly tougher to locate than those from 1811 and 1812.  PCGS tells us $4,750.
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1815/2 O.101 R.2 PCGS AU 58 PRICE ON REQUEST
A diaphanous blanket of gold toning envelops this lustrous key date. The strike is first rate for the issue. Note, especially, the detail in Liberty's curls and the eagle's feathers. The coin never circulated. Traces of friction are confined to the chin and upper breast. Here is a sweet coin for a very special collection.  Ex Howard Sharfmann who acquired it from Stack's/Bowers in 2013.
On Request
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1815/2 O.101 R.2 PCGS VF 25 PRICE REDUCED!
The pale blue PCGS insert pegs encapsulation between 1998 and 2002, "Generation 4.0."  The coin was acquired from Holt Rarities of Tennessee and has been in a Minnesota collection for nearly 20 years.  The coin features light silver-grey toning and generous portions of luster around all devices.  A generally soft impression must have steered PCGS away from an XF designation.
$4,200 SOLD
1815/2 O.101 R.2 PCGS XF 45 NEW
Smooth surfaces and natural toning adorn this lovely 1815.  If you’re still hunting for an XF that fits your set you know how many have been abused, even those that somehow found homes in NGC or PCGS capsules.  Tip this coin under direct light and you will know that the toning and surfaces are original.  An ancient fingerprint, whorls and all, is encased in the patina.  It is not obvious or distracting but it’s there, like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.  Luster flickers through the stars and legend.  The strike is decent, neither bold nor weak.  In all, a very nice coin for the grade.  PCGS tells us to expect $8,000; auction records suggest $7,000+.  Don't dally!
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1815/2 O.101 R.2 PCGS AU 50 OGH PRICE REDUCED!
The green PCGS label (gen. 3.1) dates to 1993-98.  Soft luster glows beneath a deep grey patina, enriched with occasional highlights of iridescent turquoise.  Slight weakness at the top of the left wing, otherwise well struck.  Liberty's portrait and curls are sharp.  The surfaces offer the usual clash marks, but no significant signs of contact or mishandling.  A short drift mark adjoins Liberty's curls in the right field, near stars 10 and 11.  It is difficult to see under the toning and is noted for the benefit of those wishing to trace high grade examples of this charismatic date.
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1815/2 O.101 R.2 PCGS Gold Shield AU 53 PRICE REDUCED!
Spot-on for the grade.  Album toning encases the stars and legend.  The lustrous centers are lightly toned.  Superior strike for the issue, explained by a reasonably early die state.  Clash marks are standard issue.  No contact marks deserve mention.  It is my experience that the grading services are lenient when assessing 1815s.  Not here. This is a VERY nice example of the key date.  You will not be disappointed.
$9,950 SOLD
1817 Punctuated Date O.103 R.2 PCGS AU 55 PRICE REDUCED!
Strong cartwheel luster rolls across the smooth, untoned surfaces. The punctuation mark between 1 and 7 is sharp.  A light, vertical toning streak crosses the right side of the eagle.  Choice AU examples of this Red Book variety never go unnoticed. This one brought $4,700 in Legend's Sept. 2018 sale of The Konstantine Collection.
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Ex Tom Sears via private treaty in March 2013.  Album toning through the stars and legend, otherwise untoned.  Strong luster for the grade.  This is the late die state of the popular 1817 Punctuated Date.
$820 SOLD
1817 O.104 R.6 PCGS Gold Shield VF 25 NEW
Can you imagine receiving a small package of 5 new coins for your collection, all R.7 or R.8?  That is what happened in 1988 when Barry Broyde opened a parcel from his agent, Charles Barasch.  The coins were a VF 1806 O.110, a VF 1817 O.104, a VG 1823 O.113, an AU 1827 O.148 and a VG 1829 O.120.  Barasch's July 12, 1988 cover letter was polite and understated: "It's been fun getting these coins and, as always, working with you."  At that time there were ten known 1806 O.110's, eleven 1817 O.104's, three 1823 O.113's, five 1827 O.148's and but two 1829 O.129's.  The latter three coins were cherried between 1976 and 1985 by my mentor Elton Dosier.  Barasch and I negotiated the sale.  When complete it allowed Elton to purchase his 1817/4.  Coin #2 in the list is offered here. 

The 1817 O.104 remains a great rarity.  John Cobb located the first example in the mid-1960’s, calling it his “greatest find” and christening it The Moonbreak 1817.  (Most come with a sweeping die break that runs through Liberty's cap and adjoining stars.)   The Cobb coin found its way to the Overton Collection via Steve Markoff circa 1967 and remains there to this day.  The 2nd and 3rd examples of the die pair were located by Sam Nolt and Don Gunnet, BHNC members Nos. 4 and 13.  Gunnet sold his example to Charlton Meyer in 1977.  Nolt passed his to Dr. Gerald Schertz in 1984.  The Broyde coin is an early die state, lacking the obverse die break.  The die, however, was showing signs of morbidity.  Striking weakness in the portrait results from a slight warping of the die.  If laid flat, face down, the coin would rock.  (Most 1812/1 Large 8's display the same feature.)  The coin has average eye appeal.  The toning is natural, a mix of light and darker grey.  Here is a prize for the collector wishing to elevate his die variety collection to the highest level.
$7,500 SOLD
1817 O.108 R.4 Raw XF 45 PRICE REDUCED!
Pale grey and gold toning with underlying luster and hairlines.  The O.108 is a devil to find in higher grades.  The old cleaning is not immediately apparent.
$375 SOLD
1817 O.110 R.2 PCGS AU 58 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Howard Sharfman registry set.  Crisply struck throughout.  Only star 2 lacks a center point.  Untoned with vibrant cartwheel luster.  Nifty coin for the date or type collector.
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1817 O.112a R.2 PCGS AU 58 NEW
A trace of cabinet friction on the cheek.  That's it.  The coin never saw circulation.  Vibrant cartwheel luster flows across the untoned surfaces.  The coin is nicely detailed.  Clash marks and a reverse die break confirm the late die state.  This is a very flashy 1817.
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1817 O.113 R.2 Gold Shield PCGS MS 62 PRICE REDUCED!
Golden toning with crimson and orange highlights. From the Charles Link collection and so noted on the PCGS label. Earlier in the collection of Charlton E. Meyer, Jr.  Dr. Link's notes show his acquisition date, July 28, 2008.  Meyer purchased the coin from me in Nov. 1999.
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1818 O.108 R.1 PCGS AU 53 CAC Overton's "pincher 8's" variety.  Scrumptious album toning with a healthy dose of underlying luster.  The coin is essemtially without faults.  Here is a prize for those who covet a bust half with exceptional eye appeal. $950 SOLD
1818 O.115 5 PCGS XF 40 PRICE REDUCED!
Silver-grey toning, with the date, stars, legend and central devices highlighted by luster.  A short die break runs from the rim, right of date, to Liberty's lowest curls.  In later die states [O.115a] the die break bisects the obverse, top to bottom.  The early die state, offered here, is difficult to locate.  This is a handsome, problem-free R.5, that rested in the previous owner's collection for 30+ years.  It is the key to completing a die variety set of 1818's.
$2,150 SOLD
1819/8 Small 9 O.101 R.1 NGC AU 55 PRICE REDUCED!
Light toning with luster one expects of a 55.  A bit of iridescence at the rims contributes to the eye appeal.  Just one of six overdate varieties from 1819 features a small 9.  Housed in an older NGC capsule; last offered by Dave Olmstead at the Aug. 2007 ANA Convention @ $1,095.
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1820/19 Curl 2 O.102 R.2 PCGS AU 55 PRICE REDUCED!
This one walked up to my ANA table in Rosemont dressed in the buff.  Yes, raw!  Just back from PCGS. The coin enjoys near perfect surfaces beneath a light antique grey patina.  Luster and eye appeal befit AU 58.
$2,750 SOLD
1820/19 Curl 2 O.102 R.1 PCGS AU 58 PRICE REDUCED!
A beguling look of originality that features iridescent  turquoise through most stars and much of the legend. Nearly full luster under the natural toning.
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1820/19 Curl Base 2 O.102 R.1 PCGS AU 55 CAC NEW
Light grey centers, overlayed with a pastel gold patina, are surrounded by a halo of soothing iridescence.  Luster matches or exceeds our expectations for the grade.  The coin is well struck for the issue and essentially without faults.  Strong eye appeal earned it a CAC sticker.
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1820 No Serifs on E's O.107 R.5 PCGS Gd. 6 NEW
Lots of wear on this "stopper" for collectors hoping to complete a die variety of Red Book set of 1820's.  There are a few marks, none significant for this grade level.  Light grey toning throughout.
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1822/1 O.102 R.4+ PCGS VF 30 PRICE REDUCED!
Wholesome antique grey toning, lighter on the devices.  Even wear throughout with softness at the lower drapery lines and motto (opposite).  A short scrape hides under the toning, between S1 and the bust.
$425 SOLD
This lightly circulated rarity retains much of its original luster. Struck from an early state of the dies.  A patina of "grey dirt" attests to originality.  Light drift marks in the planchet run through the left wing and star 7.  PCGS and CAC were not concerned.  A very handsome coin - and R.5 to boot!
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1822 O.113 R.3 PCGS AU 53 Richly toned with strong cartwheel luster.  A pair of shallow planchet voids under Liberty's chin are not to be confused with contact marks.  This is a humdinger of an AU 53!  From the collection of the late Van Harvey. $425 SOLD
1822 O.115 R.3 PCGS AU 58 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears, acquired privately, July 2010.  The obverse features a thin blanket of medium grey toning.  The reverse somewhat lighter.  Nearly full luster.
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1823 Broken 3 O.101 R.3 PCGS AU 55 CAC NEW
Ex Ellis Robison and James Pryor.  I bought this coin for Tom Palmer at B&M’s sale of the Pryor Collection in Jan. 1996.  (Lot 54.)  Pryor acquired it at Stack’s Feb. 1982 sale of the Robison Collection.  (Lot 1975.)  Robison and Pryor were giants of their day.  Each assembled important collections of US half-dollars.  Each demanded top quality coins.  The same is true of Tom Palmer.  He sold his stunning Red Book collection of capped bust halves to me in 2008.  An astute collector quickly relieved me of this `23-broken 3.  It has been off the market since then.  The coin enjoys topflight eye-appeal, supported by full cartwheel luster and pleasing surfaces.  Light copper toning flanks stars 3-7.  There is little question that on another day the coin might have graded AU 58.
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1823 O.105 R.1 PCGS AU 58 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Rex and Cindy Phillips.  Virtually full luster with faint rub on the portrait.  Silver centers with a couple of arcs of album toning, obverse and reverse.  A flashy coin for the high-grade date or die variety collector.  Bargain priced, but I bought it right.
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1823 O.109 R.5+ PCGS VF 30 PRICE REDUCED!
From a Minnesota collection, Ex John Tidwell.
  Even light grey with hints of luster in protected areas.  Moderately busy surfaces but free of significant marks.  The `23-109 is a killer R.5 with auction records to prove it.  This one is bargain priced.  Don't delay!
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1824 O.108a R.2 PCGS AU 55 Even medium grey toning blankets nearly complete cartwheel luster.  Some softness in the obverse devices is traditional for this later die state.   You'll have no argument with the grade. $395
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1824/4 O.109 R.2 PCGS MS 62 CAC PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears, privately from your cataloguer, May 2008.  An ancient crust of silver toning protects the surfaces of this fully lustrous coin.  A faint double profile is common on this popular Red Book variety.  The "recut 4" die pairs of 1824 remain in demand.  This is a nice one!
$3,050 SOLD
1824 O.114 R.5- PCGS Gd. 6 No argument with the grade.  Generally smooth surfaces.  No marks deserve mention.  Back in 1982, when I entered the bust half arena, the `24-114 was one of the few die pairs that Al Overton rated R.8.  I remember cherrying one at a small show in San Rafael, CA circa 1984.  What a thrill!  Upwards of 40 specimens are now known, most in low grade.  I quote my mentor of those halcyon days, Elton Dosier, "You don't find one of these under every rock."  Is it time fill that hole in your die variety set? $175 SOLD
1824 O.116 R.3 PCGS MS 62 PRICE REDUCED!
A blast of luster greets the eye.  Untoned, save for a spot of pale rose at star 1.  Well struck, with Liberty's curls on proud display.  Nifty surfaces contribute to the eye appeal.  Here is an 1824 with terrific "flash."
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1825 O.102 R.1 PCGS MS 62 Top drawer eye appeal.  Booming luster and subtle blue iridescence lend an ethereal look to this gorgeous 1825.  The smooth fields are utterly free of contact marks.  Another "wow" MS 62! $1,975
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1825 O.104 R.4+ PCGS AU 55 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears.  Astute die variety collectors know the O.104 to be a tough R.4, worth a hefty premium over common die pairs.  Tom acquired this one from Dave Kahn awhile back (@ $1.200).  The smooth surfaces display an attractive blanket of antique toning.  Luster befits the grade.  In all, a coin without faults and superior eye appeal.
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1825 O.106 R.3 PCGS AU 58 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears, earlier in the collections of Henry Hilgard, Gehring Prouty and Tim Osborne - a Murderer's Row of respected bust half collectors.  The coin was lot 47 in MB 43, Aug. 2016, described as follows: A stunning, untoned coin with blinding luster.  The strike and surfaces are all one might hope for.  The reverse is surely uncirculated; the obverse with but a trace of friction on the portrait.  Tom was the winner at $1,375.
$1,195 SOLD
1825 O.109 R.5 PCGS XF 45 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears.  A solid R.5.  Hints of copper toning through the stars and legend.  The centers untoned with soft luster.  The double profile is a fairly common feature of this date (as well as 1823 and 1824).  The surfaces are a little busy.  A couple of scrapes lie below and through the right side of the motto.
$795 SOLD
1825 O.110 R.2 PCGS AU 58 PRICE REDUCED!
Even, medium grey toning with soft underlying luster.  Ex Dr. Charles Link and Howard Sharfman; last appearing in MB 37, lot 44, Aug. 2013, where it brought $880.  The streaks under the eagle's right wing are drift marks, a product of the imperfect refining process employed by the early Mint.
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1825 O.112 R.3 PCGS Gold Shield MS 66 PRICE REDUCED!
Electrifying eye appeal!  The iridescent toning is surreal.  Dalí would approve.  So did the noted collector Jm O'Neal when he spotted the coin in Heritage's Aug. 2015 ANA Sale.  (Lot 4055 brought $17,625.)  O'Neal is the retired CEO of Frito-Lay International as well as PepsiCo Restaurants International (think Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut.).  Here is a coin that must be seen.  The accompanying photo is a mere hors d'oeuvre.  Is it the finest known of the die pair?  NGC graded the Kauffman specimen MS 66.  It is a sparkling gem, though dipped.  I'll put my money on the O'Neal coin.
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1825 O.114 R.1 PCGS Gold Shield MS 65 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Dale Friend
, noted on the PCGS label.  Yet another 1825 with dramatic eye appeal.  It is the PCGS CoinFacts plate coin for Overton-114 and generally considered the 2nd finest known of the die variety.  Intense cartwheel luster rolls beneath the reddish bronze and sea green toning.  Iridescent turquoise and gold enliven the stars and legend.  A beauty!
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1825 O.114 R.1 PCGS MS 64 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Keith Davignon
.  The semi-prooflike surfaces drew Keith to this coin when he acquired it by private treaty.  Fully struck devices and the absence of clash marks suggest that the coin was one of the first struck from the O.114 die pair.  A gloss of pale gold toning enhances the eye appeal.  I note that the reverse is rotated 15° counterclockwise.   
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1826 O.101a R.2 PCGS AU 58 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears.  The coin is a captivating steel grey with minimal friction and nearly full luster.  Nice surfaces too!
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1826 O.102 R.1 PCGS MS 62 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears.  Antique grey with iridescent gold, copper and turquoise highlights through the stars and legend.  A handsome coin with nice surfaces and original toning.
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1826 O.103 R.5- PCGS AU 55 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears.  Nice cartwheel on this high grade rarity.  Even silver-grey toning.  A couple of light toning spots at the back of Liberty's cap survived a careful dipping some years back.  Minor luster breaks on the obverse, none on the reverse.  AU R.5's are caviar for die variety collectors.  Pass the blinis!
$1,150 SOLD
1826 O.104 R.3 PCGS Gold Shield MS 65+ CAC NEW
As you might expect, this one has it all.  The strike is full, including a split curl behind Liberty's ear.  Every star has its centerpoint.  The depth and strength of luster matches that of the day it left the coining chamber.  The surfaces are immaculate.  A+ eye appeal is topped off by georgeous, iridescent toning.  For those who want the finest, you've arrived.  As with every coin listed here there is a 5-day return privilege.  You won't need it!
$12,000 SOLD
1826 O.105 R.3 PCGS Shield AU 58 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears.  Raucous toning in shades of blue, turquoise and gold is this coin's selling point.  Tom couldn't resist when it appeared in the case of Eye Appealing Coins (Ray and Phil Hinkleman) in early 2016.  The coin may have a bit more wear than the usual AU 58, but its color provides adequate compensation.
$900 SOLD
1826 O.109 R.1 PCGS AU 58 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears from your cataloguer, Aug. 2016 @$900.  Untoned with full cartwheel luster.  Decent strike and very nice surfaces.
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1827 Sq. Base 2 O.131 R.2 PCGS Shield AU 58 CAC PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears via David Kahn, June 2015 @ $1,150.  Original, antique grey toning.  Cakey, unbroken luster in the fields. Beautiful detail in Liberty's curls.  A connoisseur's piece.
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1827 Sq. Base 2 O.135 R.3 PCGS AU 58 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears from your cataloguer, privately.  Silver-grey with strong luster.  Later die state, soft at the rims with decently impressed central devices.  Cherry pickers know that this obverse later appeared on the rare 1827 O.124.   The `27-135 is a sticky R.3, especially difficult to locate in high grade.
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1827 Sq. Base 2 O.142 R.3 PCGS AU 53 Flashes of turquoise and gold iridescence enliven the natural grey toning.  Lovely surfaces. $395 SOLD
1828 Curl 2 No Knob O.102 R.2 PCGS Gold Shield MS 63 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears from an Aug. 2012 Heritage auction.  Original, silver-grey patina, a bit mottled on the obverse.  A solid, uncirculated coin with a razor sharp portrait and eagle.  Weakness in the stars and lowest drapery lines is standard for the issue.
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1828 Curl 2 No Knob O.103 R.2 PCGS AU 58 CAC PRICE REDUCED!
Lot 63 in my Jan. 2016 FUN Show Sale, MB 42.  There described: An engaging crust of antique grey toning is surrounded by a halo of iridescent gold with flecks of copper and emerald green.  The luster and smooth surfaces are all we expect of our 58’s.  Howard Sharfman prevailed at $1,290.
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1828 Curl 2 No Knob, Lg.8s O.103 R.2 NGC AU 58 PRICE REDUCED!
Lot 180 in my Nov. 1999 MB 24 at $410.  (Ah, the good old days.)  Handsome grey toning, decent luster, well struck and perfectly centered.  The surfaces are virtually immaculate.  A nifty coin from yesteryear.
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1828 Sq. Base Knob 2, Lg. 8's O.108 R.3 PCGS Gold Shield MS 64 PRICE REDUCED!
Rich antique toning with deep, deep, deep underlying luster.  The PCGS label includes the provenance, Dr. Charles Link.  The coin rates No. 3 in the Condition Census.  Overton identified 23 die pairs for 1828.  Just two feature a square base, knob 2 with large 8s.  This was lot 56 in Legend's Sept. 2018 of "The Konstantine Collection," bringing $4,113, a rare bargain in that important sale.  My personal notes emphasized the original toning and surfaces that grace this scarce Red Book variety.
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1828 Sq. Base Knob 2, Lg. 8's O.109 R.3 NGC AU 58 PRICE REDUCED!
Untoned, the luster lightly disturbed in the obverse fields.  Well struck.  Only 2 of 23 die pairs in 1828 have a square base, knob 2 with large 8s.  High grade examples carry a premium.  Last offered at my Jan. 2007 FUN Show table.
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1828 Sq. Base 2, Sm. 8's, Lg. Lt. O.117 R.1 PCGS Gold Shield MS 62 PRICE REDUCED!
A patina of silver-grey fails to subdue the cartwheel luster.  The strike is first rate.  As often occurs, the reverse grades a point higher than the obverse.  Look carefully at the obverse photo.  You will see that the coin was struck through a stray filament of thread (or bent wire?) that lay on the planchet, from rim below the bust to the clasp.  This minor mint error adds value for some and intrigue for all.  It was of no consequence to the PCGS graders.
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1828 Sq. Base 2, Sm. 8's, Lg. Lt. O.117a R.1 PCGS MS 62 Ex Keith Davignon.  Fabulous eye appeal, typical of coins with a Davignon provenance.  A panoply of glittering colors floats across the obverse.  The same colors grace the reverse while the texture of the regal patina announces its antique origin.  It is appropriate that Keith found the coin in a 2016 Stack’s/Bowers auction that featured The Fossil Creek Collection. This is a marvelous coin.  You’ll love it! $1,750
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1828 Sq. Base 2, Sm. 8's, Lg. Lt. O.117a R.1 PCGS MS 62 The full strike, blinding luster and smooth surfaces are a match for most MS 63's.  This is a first rate "62," missing the usual cabinet friction.  Crossed from an NGC MS 62 capsule.  The NGC label accompanies. $1,775 SOLD
1828 Sm. Letters Reverse O.119 R.3 ANACS EF 45 Untoned with considerable luster for the assigned grade.  The surfaces are smooth though a tad busy.  This Red Book variety is represented by a single pair of dies in 1828.  High grade examples are scarce and bring a significant premium.  Last seen in Dave Olmstead's price list of March 2011. $325
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1828 Sq. Base 2, Sm. 8's, Lg. Lt. O.122 R.3 PCGS MS 65 Immaculate surfaces, iridescent antique grey toning, booming luster and a bold strike add up to a gem half-dollar.  Crumbling at the rim between stars 5-6 has just begun, suggesting an early die state.  The O.122 is well known as the partner in a remarriage with the rare O.123; the reverse die hung around until 1830, reappearing on the R.5+ 1830 Large Letters. $5,750 SOLD
1829 O.108a R.3 PCGS MS 62 PRICE REDUCED!
Silver-grey toning, a bit mottled on the obverse.  Nice surfaces and decent luster.  A “no problem” MS 62.
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1829 Lg. Lets. Rev. O.110 R.2 PCGS XF 45

The reverse die is a holdover from 1828 (O.118a).  As the only "Large Letters" reverse of 20 known die pairs in 1829 it has earned a spot in the Red Book.  This is a particularly attractive example, featuring an unmistakeable look of originality.  The antique grey toning is enhanced by glowing luster through the stars and legend.  Ex Van Harvey collection.

$275 SOLD
1829 O.112 R.1 PCGS AU 58 Ex Tom Sears.  A ring of album toning is a bonus to this high grade 1829.  Short die lines, right of the date, appear on early die states and signal a well struck example of this common die pair.  It is worth noting, however, that the obverse die appears in a later die state on the prohibitively rare O.120 (only 3 known examples). $875
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Smooth surfaces coated with medium grey toning, kissed with pale rose iridescence.  Well struck and not a hint of friction.
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1830 Sm.0 O.101 R.1 PCGS AU 58 CAC Original! Antique grey toning with iridescent highlights. Full, caky luster.  A connoisseur's coin from Howard Sharfman's renowned Everyman Registry Set. $900
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1830 Large Letters O.114 R.5 PCGS VF 30 NEW
A classic rarity, sought by Red Book and die variety collectors.  Drawn stars and weak dentils are a hallmark of the obverse.  Cherry pickers will add that a notch inside the top loop of the 3 is an even better pickup point.  This example is light grey with luster that flickers around the devices.  The surfaces display a number of ticks, notably at the inside point of star 6 and below the curl on Liberty's shoulder.  PCGS was not concerned.  Compare auction records and you'll see that this one is priced to sell.
$2,800 SOLD
1830 Large 0 O.122 R.1 PCGS AU 58+ CAC Light toning; full luster with sharply struck centers. Uncirculated save for cabinet friction on the cheek. Another nice coin from the Sharfman registry set. $1,100
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A crust of antique grey toning fails to hide the caky underlying luster. Reverse die rotated 25°, not uncommon in the capped bust series.  A sweet, original coin.
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1831 O.102 R.1 PCGS Gold Shield AU 58+ CAC PRICE REDUCED!
Here is a common date and variety with all the bells and whistles.  Registry set collectors pay attention.  The coin has full luster, minimal signs of handling and a trace of friction that you’ll have to find.  I cannot.  Brilliant and untoned, the + grade and CAC sticker are well deserved.
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1831 O.103 R.1 PCGS MS 62 CAC Pale gold toning, nice luster and well struck.  Ex Rex and Cindy Phillips.  Minuscule signs of contact.  Students will note the 3-dot signature of the ejection mechanism and faint roller marks.  (Planchet strips were "rolled" to proper thickness.  Blanks cut from the strips sometimes carried an imprint of the rolling machine.)  These mint-made curiosities, similar to clash marks, do not affect value.  Superior eye appeal, well deserving of the little green bean applied by CAC. $1,325 SOLD
1831 O.109 R.1 PCGS Gold Shield MS 65 A gem bust half with smooth, satiny surfaces, robust luster and spectacular iridescent toning.  The central devices are sharp.  Note the detail in Liberty's curls and eagle's feathers.  Slight weakness at the lowest drapery lines and motto opposite is typical for this die pair.  (Compare the Overton plate coin.)  A delight for the date or type collector. $5,750
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1831 O.109 R.1 PCGS Gold Shield AU 58 CAC PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears.  Light to medium grey toning, somewhat mottled.  Good luster, smooth surfaces.  Common date and variety for the date or type collector.
$795 SOLD
1831 O.110 R.2 PCGS MS 64 PRICE REDUCED!
Astute collectors will recognize and appreciate the "originality" of this 1831.  Careful storage over the past 189 years was required to preserve the deep, unbroken luster while encouraging a protective patina of antique grey with hints of pastel lilac and russet.  OK, the motto is weak and a stray thread lay across Liberty's bosom when the coin was struck.  All else suggests a gem designation.  Pretty!
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1831 O.119 R.3 PCGS AU 58 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears, from Brad Karoleff in Jan. 2011.  Earlier in the fabled collection of Gehring Prouty.  The caky luster is encrusted with beautiful gold and aqua highlights.  A trio of ejection marks in the lower left field are mint-made.  The fields are otherwise immaculate.  One linear contact mark on Liberty's cheek will serve as a marker for this lovely coin.
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1831 O.120 R.6 PCGS Gold Shield VF 20 PRICE REDUCED!
A bulge in the left obverse field is the calling-card of this rarity.  It is easy to spot, yet only 20 or so examples have surfaced since Don Gunnett discovered the variety in 1970, immediately after Al Overton published the 2nd edition to his standard reference.  I've traced 33 auction appearances over the past 30 years.  Most are second and third appearances of the same coin.  I've yet to spot an unqualified XF encapsulated by NGC or PCGS.  The Tetenhorst-Byers-Link prooflike MS 63 Wonder Coin is the finest by far.  Charlton Meyer had a PCGS AU 50; a generously graded NGC AU 53 passed through the hands of BHNC notables Mike Summers, Charles De Olden, Troy Nelson and Keith Davignon.  An unattributed PCGS AU 55 appeared late last year and quickly found a home at this year's FUN Show.  Most of the others are cleaned, scratched, plugged, burnished or environmentally damaged.  This one has an indentation near the top of the diagnostic bulge, in front of Liberty's nose.  It is consistent with the grade.  The light to moderatly toned surfaces require no other qualification.  The overall detail is VF 25.  PCGS probably docked the coin 5 points on account of the referenced mark.  For many years veterans of the die variety wars put 3 coins in the the same basket for purposes of assessing rarity and value: the 1817 O.104, 1827 O.137 and 1831 O.120.  The 1827 O.148 has joined the group and the 1823 O.113 may soon catch up.  The owner of any of these die marriages merits respect and, yes, a touch of jealousy from his or her collecting friends.  Here is your chance to garner a claim to fame in the world of bust halves.  Ex Chris Merrill Collection.
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1832 Sm. Lets. O.106 R.1 PCGS AU 58 CAC PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears.  Gorgeous toning!  Sea green, copper, turquoise, aqua coat the surfaces.  Full luster contributed to CAC's confirmation of quality.  This is a showpiece 1832.
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1832 Sm. Lets. O.106 R.1 PCGS AU 50 PRICE REDUCED!
Rose highlights enhance the toning. Superb surfaces.
$350 SOLD
1832 Sm. Lets. O.110 R.1 PCGS Shield AU 58 CAC Ex Tom Sears.  Earlier in the fabled collection of Gehring Prouty.  I'll let you find the friction on this wonderful coin.  I'm stumped.  The motto and lowest drapery lines are weak.  All else is first rate, including the toning, surfaces, luster and provenance.  Tom found this coin lurking in a Butterfield auction, some years after Gehring passed away. $950 SOLD
1832 Sm. Lets. Dash Date O.112 R.2 PCGS Gold Shield MS 62 PRICE REDUCED!
The dash date variety, also found on the R.7 proof-only 1832 O.123.  Even, light to medium grey toning.  Unbroken luster supports the mint state designation.
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1832 Sm. Lets. O.114 R.4+ PCGS AU 55 PRICE REDUCED!
Untoned with blinding luster and just a trace of friction on the cheek.  Soft rims and drawn stars may have pushed the PCGS graders away from a "58" designation.  The worn obverse die (used first on the O.113) is quickly recognized by star 9: it is the only star with a center point; the others are flat.  The few contact marks are confined to Liberty's cheek.  The fields are immaculate.  This very scarce die pair commands a serious premium in higher grades.
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1832 Sm. Lets. O.114 R.4+ PCGS Shield AU 55 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears.  A private acquisition from a BHNC member with an advanced die variety collection (whose personal notes accompany).  Earlier in the collection of David Kahn.  Kahn parted with the coin in July 2008 for $1,500.  Medium, steel grey toning.  Not quite the "flash" of the previous example, but a wholesome, accurately graded example of this rarity.
$850 SOLD
1832 Sm. Lets. O.118 R.1 PCGS AU 55 CAC From MB 40, lot 76 , Jan. 2015.  The protective crust of medium grey toning yields to pastel iridescence through a few stars and most of the legend.  An ancient fingerprint in the obverse field is hard to find but confirms the originality of the coin.  This “look” is a favorite of the grading services, CAC included. $475
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1832 Sm. Lets. O.118 R.3 PCGS AU 58 CAC Another well struck 1832.  Lightly toned with full luster.  A trace of friction on the cheek.  From Howard Sharfman's Everyman Registry Set. $850
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1832 Sm. Lets. O.118 R.1 PCGS AU 58 CAC PRICE REDUCED!
A magnificent bust half-dollar with original surfaces and toning, a rarity as such.  From the Eric P. Newman Collection, ex Col. Green, noted on the PCGS label. Light rub on the cheek, the remainder with deep, undisturbed cartwheel luster beneath lovely kraft envelope toning. Lot 33656 of the Newman sale as NGC AU 58 CAC @ $1,527.  If your collection lacks a coin from the Newman-Green Collection don't pass up this opportunity.  Warning -- after placing this one in your cabinet you'll want more just like it!
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1832 Sm. Lets. O.118 R.1 PCGS Gold Shield AU 58 CAC PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Charles Link, noted on the PCGS label.  Light to medium grey toning.  Well struck with exceptionally smooth surfaces.  Thick luster in the fields.
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1832 Sm. Lets. O.122 R.1 PCGS AU 58 CAC Caky luster and lovely surfaces owe much to a protective patina of “grey dirt,” a classic example of this coveted state of preservation.  The well struck central devices are a nice plus.  This is a coin for the connoisseur, worth a hefty premium over most "common date" Au 58's.  Ex MB 30, lot 35, March 2005 as NGC AU 58.   $975
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1833 O.107 R.3 NGC AU 55 PRICE REDUCED!
Medium grey toning, decent luster throughout.  Struck from worn dies.  The surfaces are exceptionally nice.
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1833 O.108 R.1 PCGS MS 64 CAC A stunning coin.  For an 1833 the strike is uncanny.  All devices are fully struck.  Only star 8 lacks a center point.  Pastel hues grace the fully lustrous, immaculate fields.  I found this gem in Rosemont at the recent ANA Convention.  It is a special coin.  Don't let it get away! $3,750 SOLD
Ex Tom Sears, from David Kahn Aug. 2016.  Mostly silver-grey, with an attractive splash of color through the date.  Good luster, nice surfaces full motto and strong eye appeal.
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1833 O.112 R.2 NGC AU 55 Ex Jules Reiver, noted on the label; this is lot 23268 from Heritage's Jan. 2006 sale; it brought $373.  Reiver's kraft envelope accompanies; he acquired the coin from Don Frederick Jan. 30, 1980.  Antique grey toning, infused with golden highlights, contibutes to the coin's excellent eye appeal.  Strong luster supports the choice AU designation. $355 SOLD
1833 O.115 R.5+ PCGS Gen. VF Details PRICE REDUCED!
The PCGS label correctly notes "cleaned."  With a loupe you'll see hairlines and some roughness under the natural light to medium grey toning.  You won't be disappointed in the eye appeal.  This is the "stopper" for those hoping to complete a set of 1833's.  Ex BHNC stalwart Van Harvey who passed away, too young, 3 years ago.
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1834 Lg. Dt, Sm. Lets O.108 R.2 PCGS AU 58 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Jules Reiver, noted on the PCGS label; later in the collection of Keith Davignon, so you know it is pretty.  Reiver's envelope accompanies, noting his purchase at a Heritage auction, June 6, 1986. Natural grey toning with gentle cartwheel luster.  The centers are sharply struck.  Perfect coin for the date or variety.
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1834 Sm. Dt & Lets O.111 R.1 PCGS MS 63 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Tom Sears, from Robert Zornes, privately, December 2002.  A lustrous blanket of pale gold toning suggests storage in kraft envelope.  Iridescent turquoise encases the dentils and portions of the adjoining peripheries.  The strike is first rate, making this a dandy coin for the date or type collector.
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1834 Sm. Dt & Lets O.113 R.1 PCGS MS 62 PRICE REDUCED!
A beautiful coin, richly toned in subtle shades of rose and turquoise. Caky luster throughout. Give this one a solid "A" for eye appeal.  Here is a wonderful type coin.
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1834 Sm. Dt & Lets O.114 R.1 PCGS XF 45 PRICE REDUCED!
Even light grey toning.  Soft luster.  Some striking weakness.  Nice surfaces.  Last offered as NGC AU 50 (label accompanies).  PCGS got it right.  A nifty coin for the collector building an XF date or die variety set.
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1834 Sm. Dt & Lets O.116 R.1 PCGS MS 63 PRICE REDUCED!
Ex Keith Davignon.
 Acquired at Heritage's Platinum Night session of its 2012 FUN Show Sale, lot 3536.  Shimmering luster under an ancient, original crust of amber toning.  Immaculate surfaces save for the oft seen dots impressed by the ejection arm of the coining press, above and right of the date.  
$1,900 SOLD
Ex Keith Davignon.  Classic “grey dirt,” a favorite look among advanced collectors and grading services, including CAC.  If you like original coins with cakey undisturbed luster this is your coin.  Sharply struck!  Immaculate surfaces save for a near invisible hairline, ribbon end to S12.  A quality coin for a quality collection.  High grade 1835's, for reasons not well understood, are less common than other dates in the 1830's.
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1836 50/00 O.116 R.2 PCGS XF 40 PRICE REDUCED!
Even, medium grey toning.  Hints of luster in protected areas.  The underlying 0, though never bold, is readily visible. PCGS suggests a retail price of $575.  Go ahead and steal this one!  
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1836 Bar Dot O.121 R.5+ PCGS Gen XF Details PRICE REDUCED!
Hairlines are well hidden by the attractive medium grey toning, lighter on the devices.  The coin is decently impressed with very few marks. The `36-121 is a classic rarity, stubbornly refusing to give up its R.5+ status.  Decent VF's start at $2,000.  An XF example will bring twice that.  Here is a chance to complete your 1836's without breaking the bank.  Ex Van Harvey.
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1836 O.122 R.2 PCGS AU 58 Booming luster with but a hint of friction on the cheek.  Here is an "AU" that never saw circulation.  Faint contact marks are noted above the eagle's head.  You may need a loupe to see them.  The flash and eye appeal of the coin are first rate. $775
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Draped Bust Dimes, 1796-1807
A wonderful, original example that has been off the market for over 30 years.  The balanced strike features full drapery lines and nicely detailed hair curls.  Evenly toned, as my colleague and great friend Henry Hilgard used to say, "like grandma's silver."  This is a nifty coin for your date or type set.  From the Long Island collection that was featured in Mail Bid Sale No. 49.
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Draped Bust Dollars, 1795-1804
Light grey with the usual assortment of circulation ticks, none worth mention. A wholesome example of this well known 
Red Book variety.
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1860 Half Dime Judd-267 4 PCGS MS 66 CAC PRICE REDUCED!
One of the few US Patterns familiar to non-collectors of the series. It is known as The Coin Without a Country
 as neither side includes the legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This transitional pattern resulted from the Mint's decision to move the legend from the reverse to the obverse. Anthony Paquet's 1859 seated liberty figure is paired with James Longacre's new reverse. Neither design incorporated the legend. About 100 pieces are known, many in high grade as they were not coined for circulation. The Simpson coin, PCGS MS 68, is the finest.  All examples show areas of striking weakness. This example last appeared in Stack's/Bowers 2014 Americana Sale. It is semi-prooflike with indescribably pretty toning, likely imparted by storage in tissue paper. As with all coins in this offering it comes with a 5-day return privilege. Beware -- once the coin is in your hands you will NOT let loose of it!
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