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Mail Bid Auction 50

Auction ended on January 10, 2020

Lot Number 56

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1822 -  O.105 R.6 or 7 PCGS AU Details

Ex John Crowley, Brad Higgins, Charlton Meyer and Dr. Charles Link, the latter two identified on the PCGS label.  The coin is making its third appearance in my auctions.  Current research suggests that only 6 to 8 specimens are known. Steve Herrman’s AMBPR indicates R.6, with a question mark.  Al Overton never encountered a specimen.  Don Parsley’s landmark revision of the Overton book (3rd ed.) in 1990 also missed it.  Brad Higgins spotted this coin in my Aug. 2001 sale of John Crowley’s nearly complete die variety set (including an 1817/4).  Swampy bought it in 2005 when I sold Brad’s collection.  (MB 31, lot 46.)  When I offered the Meyer coins in Aug. 2009 Dr. Link became the owner.  (MB 34, lot 18.)  This was the description, in relevant part.  Iridescent album toning surrounds medium grey centers.  Once cleaned, not harshly…. Unrecorded late die state from John Crowley’s collection.  Album toning with lustrous, slightly busy surfaces and good eye appeal.  A heavy die break bisects the right hand stars, running from the cap to the rim below star 13.  Higgins’ research into the die state goes back to 1999.  He located 5 examples, including the present offering.  Four are prooflike ….  We may speculate that the obverse die was removed from service and polished just as the fracture appeared.  Est. $800 and up.

Auction Ended

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$1,000 $1,100

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