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Mail Bid Auction 54

Auction ended on August 17, 2022

Lot Number 13

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1806 Pt. 6, Large Stars -  O.110, T-10 R.6 PCGS F.15

This was lot 94 in my August 2013 MB 37.  Then raw, I graded it VF 25/30.  Well, shame on me.  Or maybe PCGS (note the detail in Liberty’s lower curls and the eagle’s wing feathers).  I will stick by my description:  

This was Al Overton’s set piece though not plated in any of the 4 [now 5] editions.  Paul Munson loaned Overton his high grade (but cleaned) example for the 1st and 2nd editions.  Richard Pugh provided the choice XF coin seen in the 3rd and 4th [and 5th] editions.  The rarity rating of this charismatic 1806 has not budged in the 30 years [make that 40 years] I’ve enjoyed studying early half-dollars.  I doubt that more than 20 pieces are known.  The die pair is readily identified.  First by the exceptionally large, flat stars crowding one another and nearly reaching the rim.  [The sole 1806 Pointed 6 with Large Stars.] Second, in most instances, the “elephant trunk” die break from Liberty’s nose to the rim between stars 10 and 11 is a dead giveaway.  Very early die states lack the die break.  Only 2 or 3 are known.  The obverse die experienced a short and troubled life.  It was unable to provide Miss Liberty with a decent strike; her ribbon, top hair curls and drapery lines are traditionally weak.  I grade the reverse 5 points higher simply because it displays more detail.  Don Parsley liked the coin enough to call it XF 45.  The coin has attractive toning from storage in a kraft envelope.  Hairlines may be seen under the toning but are of little consequence.  This is a rare and important coin.

The Overton provenance is noted on the PCGS holder.  The coin brought only $5,082 in 2014.  Nomura acquired it via private treaty 2 years later.  As I said … a VERY important bust half-dollar.   Estimate: $5,000 and up

Auction Ended

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$4,000 $4,400

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