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Sheridan Downey Numismatist - Coins

Mail Bid Auction 54

Auction ended on August 17, 2022

Lot Number 63

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1807 50/20 -  O.112 R.1 PCGS AU 55

If you’ve spent time with capped bust half-dollars, you have noticed that luster and striking detail were recurring problems in this first year of John Reich’s design.  The screw press was a fussy tool.  It needed frequent adjustments to avoid shallow strikes and vapid luster.  Striking pressure was just right on this nearly unscathed survivor of the early Mint.  Though the die was worn at the rims, the obverse stars and Ms. Liberty are boldly impressed.  Equally important, the coin retains vibrant luster.  A pleasing halo of gold surrounds the brilliant centers.   Estimate: $3,000 to $4,000

Auction Ended

High Bid Maximum Bid Total Price
Reserve met
$3,115 $3,416

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